Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pedal Board Setup

Professional guitarists all have their tricks and most often these are found on their pedal boards.

These pedals change the guitars sound in various ways to suit your style of playing.

Here is my set-up.  Click on the picture to see it close up.



Christian & the 2120´s said...

Great reading!

Steveg said...

There are some insane pedal boards out there! Check out Doyle Bramhall II's. Massive.
I ran a pretty huge pedal board for years, and then tried one of the new Digitech RP series pedals. Amazing sound, even through my tube amp. I review alot of the latest multi effect pedals on my site: Check it out!
Thanks for your site!

kamagra said...

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musicnewbie said...

These pedal boards do said it all.=) Pedal setup really plays a big role in making the guitar sound great. Even so, there is no limitations on setting your pedals in many ways. There are no right or wrong here, as long as you can make your sound good to you and to your fans.
Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Check what's coming in the pedalboard world !!!! It's a teaser!!! said...


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