Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1st Unveiling of Gibson Custom Shop Prototype ES-335 Model

One of Gibson’s most original and best guitar designs is the ES-335. For rock music it stands above its cousin the ES-330, because the 335 comes with a solid block of wood under the pickups. This eliminates the feedback that results when you plug a hollow body guitar into a cranked amplifier.

The ES-335 has gone through numerous revisions throughout the years. The ES-355 is a fancy version that included the varitone control.

The Trini Lopez Standard model is essentially an ES-335 body with diamond shaped F-holes and a six-on-a-side headstock.

The latest version that Gibson has implemented in its lineup in the ES-339, which is a smaller sized version of the ES 335.

Recently the Gibson Custom Shop unveiled the ESMM-335 model. I think they have come up with a winner.

Did I mention it is April Fools Day?


JD said...

Lol nice Mickey Mouse Gibson :)

Young Vic said...

The visual boldness draws you in, but it’s the playability, the way the guitar feels balanced on your shoulders, the curvature of the
neck and the way its carved body hugs your own that hooks you.

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