Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Godin Guitars - Factory Tour

I am a big fan of Godin guitars. In my opinion they are well made and sensibly priced guitars.

M. Robert Godin
(Ro-bere Go-dey[n]) got started by building the guitars and then driving in his station wagon to sell his instruments directly to dealers.

Godin has a created a great variety of brands to choose from for novices to professionals. Here is a listing of the companies brand names:

Arts & Lutherie Ami

Arts and Lutherie makes a great beginner guitar.

Seagull guitars are moderately priced and are excellent instruments for beginners or professionals.

Simon and Patrick (named for his sons) are excellent instruments, perhaps a step above Seagull.

Godin recently started an electric guitar line called Richmond, which is named for a town where Godin has a factory.

Godin brand guitars are professional quality.

A few years back Mr. Godin got the notion to produce an archtop guitar that was similar to those he saw as a young boy. The result was the Godin 5th Avenue. This model went from a non-cutaway laminated archtop instrument, similar to the Kays, Harmonys and Gibsons that could be found in any pawnshop, to a modern Jazz archtop in the style of the Gibson ES-175.

Some lessor know Godin brands include Norman and LaPatrie guitars.

By the way, the town of LaPatrie is home to one of the Godin factories.

LaPatrie is located in Quebec Provence. All guitars are built in Canada and are beauts, eh?

Recently Robert Godin has created a line of amplifiers, made in Italy with the brand name SR. These are great for Jazz and electrified Acoustic guitars or can be used as a miniature P.A.

Godin has also created some unusual instruments. This would include the latest instrument called The Merlin. It is played like a fretted dulcimer.

This youtube video is a tour of the Godin factory. Check it out and you will see the quality that goes into each guitar.


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Unknown said...

Have a Godin Multiac nylon string model. Love it except for the problem I have with the B string. It is significantly lower in volume than the high E and G strings. There seems to be no individual level settings to correct the problem. Any suggestions?