Thursday, January 8, 2015

Les Paul's Black Beauty and Artistry In Guitars Auctions

The Associated Press

The 1954 electric guitar that served as the prototype for Gibson's iconic Les Paul models is going on the auction block.

The Paul-designed guitar known as "Black Beauty" features gold-plated hardware. Paul made frequent modifications as he refined its sound over more than two decades of use.

Guernsey's Auctions is offering the guitar Feb. 19 in New York City. The auctioneer calls it the most significant electric guitar ever made. Its market value will be determined at auction.

The famous jazz, country and blues guitarist played it in concerts, recordings and on the "Les Paul and Mary Ford" television show. Paul, whose hits songs included "How High the Moon," died in 2009. He gave the instrument to his friend, guitar technician and builder Tom Doyle of Wantage, New Jersey.

In Les' own words, he wanted Gibson to build a guitar that was similar to the original Les Paul model, but this time in black, so it would match his tuxedo.

As you can see this is not a typical Les Paul Black Beauty. This one was customized to Les's specifications with Lo-Z pickups and special poteniometers and switches.

Another auction is taking place at Guernsey’s Auctions on April 2 and 3rd.

This is called Artistry in Guitar and features a collection of approximately 300 beautiful instruments.

This collection was assembled by one man over a period of four decades.

The auction will be held at New York City’s Bohemian National Center.

The instruments include 50 historic Martin guitars including an 1840’s Martin & Coupa, an OM-28, F-9, 00-45, D-28, D-45 and a very rare OM-45 Deluxe.

The Gibson line up includes Super 400’s, SJ-200’s, L-5’s, Nick Lucas models and a one of a kind Super 400 flattop. The auction includes a dozen D’Angelico guitars such as New Yorkers, Excels, a Special, a Style A and a mandolin.

The auction price list ranges from $244 to $366,000.


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