Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Fusion Guitar - A Brand New And Unique Product

A start-up company called Indiegogo has created a new guitar. I will not be surprised if one of the big guitar companies does not make an offer for this creation.

Their guitar is called The Fusion Guitar and it is powered by software that can be downloaded to an iPhone. The guitar is small enough to be carry-on luggage.

The body appears to be molded from plastic. There is no headstock and the tuners are mounted at the end of the maple neck similar to the Steinberger guitar. The fret board is made of rosewood.

This instrument is equipped with two blade-style “hot rail” humbucking pickups rated at 15.6k ohms in humbucking or 7.8k ohms in single coil mode as the guitar is equipped with coil tapping switches.

The neck on this guitar is full sized and has a metal section in place of a headstock that allows the instrument to be hung-up while not in use. The guitar comes with adjustable bridge saddles for each string.

The upper-section of the bodies side contains a docking station for an iPhone and comes with interchangeable dock ports to match differing models.

The upper section of the body houses twin Peerless speakers and a built in 20 watt solid-state amplifier. The iPhone, and amplifier are powered by rechargable 11.1 volt lithium ion batteries that are housed within the instrument. When you recharge the amplifier the battery also recharges a docked iPhone.

Perhaps the coolest factor is the different apps that are available, such as amplifier modeling apps and tutorial apps for students. Plus there are apps for recording.

The guitar is equipped with a line-out jack to connect to headphones or a PA system. It also comes with a standard ¼” guitar output plus a microphone input.

To promote the guitar, the manufacturer is offering this instrument at only $400 to the first 500 buyers.


loungetronica said...

It's very unique indeed. Love the simplicity design.

Falk Guitars and Mandolins said...

Here's a humorous comment, "This guitar is cool enought to blow a fusion."

General Manager said...

Perfect guitar,..
"guitar tuner"

Anonymous said...

"Indiegogo" is a web-based crowd sourcing service. The company making this is "Outerspace Design", a product development design firm based in US & Australia. More info on the guitar can be found here:

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