Friday, January 22, 2016

Trainwrecks and Treasures

From time to time, I find pictures of guitars and ask to myself, "What the heck was he thinking? That guitar is a complete trainwreck."

And this is not to disparage the wonderful amplifiers that Ken Fisher built.

But then I see something that restores my hope in humanity.

 So I am sharing my stash of Trainwrecks and Treasures. Let me know if you agree with me that some of these guitar are hot and some or not.

Obviously no one told this guy that SRV's tone was all in his fingers.

What a waste of wood and parts!!!

I don't think even Dan Erlewine could undo this ghastly repair
What was this guy thinking!  It is a nylon string guitar!!!
This is one of Gibson's first electric guitars; The ES-300. I'm glad they went with a different pickup concept.
This bass was hand built by East German luthier Herbert Todt. I give it a big blistered thumbs up! He builds wonderful guitars and basses.
I found this bass on a South Korean wholesale guitar page called Guitar Man. Someone certainly did some exquisite carving!
This Martin was offered by Elderly Instruments. It won the ugliest pick guard contest. It is actually a Martin D-41 Porter Wagoner Model.
This guy actually plays his homemade guitar with the driftwood neck at a blues club in Mississippi
One of these instruments comes with a collar that says, "If found, return Fluffy to Mrs. Frisby at 61 Dover Street."
This is definitely not a guitar for vegans!

Provenance adds value to old instruments and this guitar sure has a lot of it since it was Elvis' first guitar that his mother bought him.
Believe it or not, this was a very unusual and all around nice guitar.

The above Ovation Breadwinner always puts me in mind of Adrian Legg's Bill Poplett Ergonomic guitar
This is a G# Guitar. The coolest thing to come out of Norway since Hagstrom Guitars. I'm adding this to my article about Electric Travel Guitars.

This is a young Pat Methany playing an Alembic Whateverdude model.  I have no idea what those buttons are for.
This is just plain pitiful.
This is a Babes Ella bass made by an Austrian company in 2007. Correct me if I am wrong, but the pickguard looks like ladies underwear.
This guitar is made by a California company called Kaurer. It is called a Daylight Deluxe. I like it!
This was made in Australia by a sculptor. It is one bizarre guitar!
An Australian Guitar Adventure. A "Stereo" acoustic by Paul Kinney. G'day Mate! Seriously this guy makes some very unusual instruments. Pat Methany owns one.
This is an "Artist" model by Pheo guitars, You can tell by the paintbrush. I do not think Bob Ross did the artwork on the body since there are no happy little clouds.
Here is another model by Pheo guitars called The Baby Head. Very Strange Indeed!
This is a Bilt Revelator that was made by Bilt Guitars of Des Moines, Iowa. It brings to mind the second version of the Fender Marauder, which only existed as a prototype.
♫ ♪ On a tour of one night stands, my suitcase-guitar in hand...♫ This begs the question, does it come with a case?


Rex Coggins said...

Pat Methany is playing a Roland G-303 with a Synclaviar II guitar interface option. See: and

Those buttons control the Synclaviar synthesizer.

marcus ohara said...

Thanks Rex. I remember the Synclavia. And thanks for visiting!