Saturday, December 3, 2016

Eric Clapton's Guitars For Sale At Gruhn Guitars

The Staff at Gruhn Guitars with the Eric Clapton Collection
Photo by Steve Cross Photography

Gruhn Guitars of Nashville, Tennessee has just announced it is offering the sale of 29 guitars owned by Eric Clapton. This sale runs the gamut of acoustic and nylon string instruments to electric guitars and bass guitars.

Two guitars are pre-WWII Martins, while others are custom shop one-of-a-kind guitars. Each guitar will be accompanied by a photo of Clapton with the guitars and a signed letter by him attesting ownership and provenance. Be advised that you will need a rather fat wallet when you make the trip.

1941 Martin 000-45
Clapton’s 1941 Martin 000-45 is being offered at $150,000.

The asking price for his 2014 personal Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster is $42,500.

Among the other pieces offered are the following:

1931 Martin OM-28

A 1931 Martin OM-28, which as already been sold at an undisclosed price.

1980 Santa Cruz

A 1980 Santa Cruz FTC-17 that was recently restored by Santa Cruz guitars and is going for $30,000.

1998 Gerundino GF1

A 1998 spruce top Gerundino GF1 Flamenco guitar that Clapton purchased in 2006 has been sold.

2003 Gerundion GF4

Another Gerundino Flamenco guitar. This is a 2003 model number GF4 with a cedar top has already been sold.

1929 National Tricone

A gorgeous 1929 National Style 3 Tricone resonator guitar that Clapton purchased in 2006 and Derek Trucks used on a tour that same year is offered, but has been sold.

Gruhn’s is also offering some of Clapton’s Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters and a few have already been sold.

2007 Crossroads Strat

His black 2007 Crossroads Antiqua Foundation Stratocaster, number 1 of 100, which was built by Mark Kendrick, features a 25 db active boost, and Fender noiseless pickups is going for $35,000 with hardshell case.

2006 Stratocaster

Two Porsche Atlas Grey 2006 Custom Shop Stratocaster have already been sold.

2009 Stratocaster

A 2009 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster in Daphne Blue, featuring Fender noiseless pickups and an active boost has also been sold.

2011 Stratocaster

His 2011 Fender Custom Shop red Stratocaster that he used for warm-up before shows.

2006 Blackie Relic Strat

Another Fender Custom Shop creation was Clapton’s 2006 “Blackie” relic. This guitar has been sold.

2007 Crossroads Strat

A 2007 black Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster that was built for Clapton's Crossroads Antiqua Foundation by Fender custom builder Dennis Galuszka is also for sale. Asking price is $35,000.

2014 Buddy Holly Style

A 2014 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster in the style of Buddy Holly’s guitar, with a two-tone sunburst finish has been sold.

2007 Gibson SG

Clapton’s 2007 Gibson SG Standard features a cherry finish, however it has been sold.

1991 Firebird V

Clapton’s 1991 red Gibson Firebird V with a two-tone headstock (red and black) has also been sold.

2000 Epiphone Les Paul

A 2000 black Epiphone Les Paul with a white pickguard (signed by Les Paul) and a Bigsby vibrato has been sold.

Gretsch G612TCB-JR

Clapton’s 2015 Gretsch G612TCB-JR, which was given to Clapton by guitarist Ed Sheeran has been sold.

'80's Roland Synth Guitar

A 1980’s Roland G-505 Synth guitar unit was offered for sale, but has been sold. This is similar to the one used by Randy Bachman in the Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive.

'80 MusicMan Fretless Bass

Clapton has offered a sunburst 1980 Fretless Music Man Stingray Bass which has already been sold.

2009 Byrdland Custom

Clapton’s beautiful cherry red 2009 Gibson Byrdland Custom with dual humbucking pickups has been sold.

2009 Byrdland

Another natural maple 2009 Gibson Byrdland Custom with a single alnico pickup has also been sold.

2013 L-5 Wes Montgomery

Clapton’s sunburst 2013 Gibson Wes Montgomery Custom L-5 that he used at the Royal Albert Hall has been sold.

Svistunov Archtop

A gorgeous handmade Alexandr Svistunov 17” archtop acoustic guitar with a violin finish, made in the tradition of Stromberg guitars has been sold.

'41 D'Angelico New Yorker

Clapton is also parting with his collection of vintage D’Angelico guitars including a 1941 3 tone sunburst D’Angelico New Yorker that he purchased in 2006. The asking price is $20,000.

'38 D'Angelico Excel

His 1938 dark sunburst D’Angelico Excel, with a 17” top and a DeArmond pickup has already been sold.

'45 D'Angelico Style A

Clapton’s 1945 D’Angelico Style A with a natural finish and a DeArmond pick can be yours for $20,000.

'37 D'Angelico Excel

A 1937 dark sunburst D’Angelico Excel that he purchased in 2006 has been sold.

2013 D'Angelico Excel

Two newer 2013 D’Angelico guitars are also offered including a 2013 D’Angelico Excel that was handmade in the USA with a 3 tone sunburst finish and a single pick is offered at $20,000.

2013 D'Angelico Style B

And finally a 2013 sunburst D’Angelico Style B, which was handmade in the USA is priced at $20,000.

You can see these at Gruhn Guitars at 2120 8th Avenue South in Nashville, Tennessee 37204.


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