Sunday, January 1, 2023

Where Did The Unique Guitar Blog Go? - You Can't Keep A Good Man Down


For the majority of 2022 I have been unable to continue the Unique Guitar Blog due to illness and changes in my life.  

Regrettably 2022 welcomed me to the new normal.

Looking back from November and December of 2021, I began having significant mobility issues. I had been using a cane to steady myself for several years when walking in public, but as my wife pointed out, my walking was becoming much worse. 

In December of last year, I developed double vision. This condition was quite annoying. I could not drive. I had to close one eye to focus.  My doctor immediately sent me to the emergency room for CT scans and MRI studies. 

The report came back negative, but for a white space at the top of my brainstem. (I figured my stuffing was probably falling out). I regained my normal vision, but still had trouble walking. 

By January of 2022 I was sent to physical therapy because of my limited gait. (I was pretty much walking like Tim Conway’s little old man). The therapist consulted my doctor asking why I had not been assessed for Parkinson's Disease.

In March I visited a neurologist and was diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, which is a Parkinson type disease. I was told by my doctor that white spot at the top of my brainstem showed a “hummingbird’ sign.

This white area is a positive indicator of this disease. This condition is also known as PSP. It is not true Parkinson Disease, which causes involuntary shaking of the body. PSP affects balance and mobility and also the voice and vision 

My therapy was then changed from physical to a form of occupational therapy called LSV Big and LSV Loud. This therapy involve exaggerated movement and counting in a loud voice to overcome what your brain is telling you that you can’t do. 

 I spent the next five months doing therapy, an hour a day for four days a week, plus exercising at home. 

I can walk around my home unassisted, although I have fallen three times, but outside I must use a walker. It is sort of unseemly, but it beats hitting the ground. Concrete is very solid and since I don’t easily bounce, and it hurts.

We had moved into a large apartment complex in March of 2017 after taking care of my aging mother since 2011. 

My wife and I had left our home in 2011 to take care of Mom.  However, she  went to a nursing home in late 2016, so we had to move so her house could be sold. 

Five years later, in July of 2022 the entire complex was purchased by an investment company, and we received notice they were converting the building into luxury apartments. To do this all 232 units and residents were being forced to leave so construction could get underway.  

I have since found out this is happening not just to me, but to renters worldwide, as investment companies are buying up property.

Robotic open heart surgery
We moved in late October to a larger and much nicer complex. Moving was difficult due to my illness.  Weeks after the move, in early November, my wife suffered a massive heart attack. 

Her doctor immediately put her in hospital and within a week she underwent robotic cardiac bypass surgery at Christ Hospital in Ohio (a procedure that is not even done in the state where we live). 

All went well, and she is currently recovering from the surgery at home. I am thankful for the help and support of my children. I am thankful that she was quickly diagnosed and treated by the most excellent staff and doctors. However all of these health problems have caused significant changes in our lifestyle. 

Recently I learned that Progressive Supranuclear Palsy is the same disease that has forced Linda Ronstadt to retire. I was able to write to her recently to share my experience. I received a lovely response. 

Now here it is New Years Day of 2023. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and may you have wonderful New Year. 

I hope to get back to the blog sometime in early 2023 with some new ideas.



MW said...

So sorry to hear of your and your wife's health issues. I have checked weekly for your new blogs for months now...happy that you are recovering and will be posting again! Keep up the great work - it is much appreciated! said...

Thanks MW. My wife is on the mend. My condition is permanent. But I have to roll with the changes. I can play guitar and write. Thanks for being a friend.


John Vesia said...

Hi Marc,
Longtime reader, first time commenting. Hoping 2023 is a better year for you. Be well.

Unknown said...

Marc, I've just run into your blog as I was researching info on my 1966 KAPA bass guitar. Ted Veneman was a classmate of mine at High Point High School in Beltsville, Maryland, where the Venemans lived. I wanted a Fender Jazz bass, but Ted convinced me his dad's bass was every bit as good at a fraction of the price. I still have the KAPA and just put it out on a stand in my living room as a fond memory of my high school rock band years.

I so appreciated your interest in KAPA and your readers' accounts of buying their guitars from Veneman Music.

I'm sorry to hear of your medical setbacks and wish you all the best as you adjust to your diagnosis. I truly hope you can continue the blog as an invaluable resource, especially for folks like me who've missed out on it for many years. All the best to you in 2023.

inunumby said...
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Hank M said...

God bless you and your wife, Marc. You have a legion of fans out here pulling for you. If you can still strum on your guitars, there's reason to live. Dime those volume pots out and play "Wild Thing"!

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