Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How You Can Transform a 1956 Fender Stratocaster into a Hello Kitty Strat

Today, my fine people I will show you how you can take a vintage 1956 Fender Stratocaster and update it to a more contemporary 21st Century Hello Kitty® Strat.  It's much easier than it sounds.  Just follow along.

First you will need to procure a vintage 1956 Fender Strat complete with original tweed case.  They are available, just check out eBay.

Remove the neck, then sand the body down to the bare wood.  Nice lookin' wood, huh?  Don't forget to sand the headstock and neck to get out those darn aged-in finger marks.

Next, get a couple cans of Shell Pink spray paint. Krylon® glossy ought to do the trick. Hang the body up and spray it until it looks good.

There are a number of companies that supply guitar parts, such as Musician's Pal, and Guitar Parts-R-Us where you can get a pre-wired Hello Kitty pickguard.  Buy one. Ditch those old original parts, but hang on to one potentiometer and knob. You're going to need them.

For the final touch, get a Shocking Pink Sharpie permanent marker and in your best cursive hand, write Hello Kitty on the back of the body.

Put it together and what have you got?  Hello Kitty!  And it looks great!

Next week, we will learn how to take a Pre-war Martin D-28 and turn it into a Hello Kitty acoustic.

By the way, it's April Fools Day!


Anonymous said...

Nice work. You had me going for a second.

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