Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Marti Heil
Marti Heil is one of my dear school friends.  She has been an accomplished professional musician, a fashion model, a mother and  now works as a silver smith. She creates beautiful jewelry which she sells at her website, Fables in the Air.

She is also the mother of Zane, Reeve and Paris Carney.

Her children have been blessed with  Marti’s gift of music. Zane and Reeve are in the band Carney.

Reeve is the star of Spiderman, Turn Off the Dark.

Zane plays guitar in the show’s band.

Her daughter Paris was recently married and is embarking on a solo career.

You are probably asking yourself, “What does this have to do with unique guitars?

Marti Heil Silver Slide - Reeve Carney
Marti made this amazing silver guitar slide for her son Reeve. The minute I saw it, I asked her for a picture, because I knew this was something special and needed to be shared with my fellow guitar aficionados.

Most slides are made from brass or glass. Some folks even use a socket lug wrench.  I have never seen a guitar slide made of solid silver. According to Reeve, it has a great sound.  I hope this starts a trend.

By the way, they are for sale. Just visit the website and scroll down.

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Young Vic said...

My first impression is that I love the tune, with some killer guitar riffs and some heavy beats, but I am not a fan of the vocals.