Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kids Guitars For April the First 2013

There is a serious market for kid’s guitars. Companies are doing what they can to interest kids in playing guitar or to just aggravating Mom and Dad to go out and buy them a guitar.

Daisy Rock guitars are marketing to preteen girls by selling sparkly pink glitter guitars. 

Fender Musical Instruments got into the picture a few years back by marketing the Hello Kitty guitar under it’s Squier brand name.

Last year Peavey guitars came out with a series of Marvel Super Hero guitars

Even Martin guitars produced its Felix the Cat guitar a few years ago. 

Gibson attempted to breach the adolescent market with a guitar based on the character  Emily the Strange.

If we look way back in time, a company called Emenee manufactured a whole series of rock instruments for the kiddies that included the Tigerelectric guitar and the Swing Cat electric guitar.

I have recently come across information that the Guild Guitar Company, which is now owned by Fender Musical Instrument, is about to market an acoustic guitar for children.

The top of this guitar will be decorated with Lollypop candies. And of couse it will be called….

The Lollypop Guild.

Did I mention this was April Fools Day?

If you weren’t around to witness the commercials of the 1960’s that I had to listen to on Saturday morning, then here you go; enjoy!


G L Wilson said...

The Emily the Strange SG was an Epiphone and not a proper Gibson (yeah, I know it's a Gibson company but there is a distinction between the two).

Also, I never got the impression that the Martin Felix The Cat guitars were particularly aimed at children. They were more collectors pieces, and the cartoon character was hardly contemporary, you have to admit.

The best thing any company wanting to market guitar for kids can do is to stop putting tremolo arms for them. They will only send the guitar out of tune, especially in the hands of a child, and what incentive is there to learn if you can't even have an instrument that stays in tune?

Marc said...

Yep! That Emily the Strange, strange SG was an Epi. A few years ago, Gibson/Epiphone went through a period of marketing guitars to all sorts of groups. They had a Dale Earnhardt LP, LP's with college logo's, goth LP's etc. Martin's Felix was supposed to be a collectors piece. How much do you think a Martin DX Felix would go for in 20 years? I have a Bigsby on my Gibson. It's meant to be used gingerly.

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