Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Sawmill Capo

One of the Unique Guitar Blogs’ readers has sent me information on a wonderful new venture that he is offering.

Joshua Gomes is a guitar player and a mechanical engineer from the Boston, Massachusetts area that has come up with a unique idea for a guitar capo design and I believe it is outstanding. He calls it the Sawmill Capo. The patent on this device is pending.

His design is loosely based on the Dunlop version of the guitar capo. But unlike the Dunlop, the Sawmill Capo is made of beautiful hardwood.  Not only is the Sawmill Capo functional, it is an awesome addition that highlights the aesthetic features of your guitar.

Wooden capos are nothing new. Classical guitarists have been using them almost since the creation of the guitar. Those versions were made of a strip of polished wood that usually was strapped onto the neck with a short piece of the same gut used for old fashion guitar strings.

Another less common version required holes to be reamed into the center of the fret board at different positions.  The wooden capo strip that fretted the guitar had a short dowel attached at a 90 degree angle that could be inserted in the fretboard ‘holes’ and fastened.

Steel string guitars require more pressure than their gut or nylon string cousins. Most modern capos manufactured over the past century were made of metal. But now the Sawmill Capo combines the beauty of a wooden capo and with modern design. It is essentially a work of art.

Guitarists prefer different wood to enhance the quality of their instruments sound. Even electric guitars debate the virtues of maple or rosewood fretboards. Sawmill Capos offers a variety of four wood choices to address your preference. Your capo can be made using Maple, Rosewood, Mahogany or Zebra Wood.

Like all other modern capos, the Sawmill Capo has one-handed capability to take on, off or reposition on your guitars neck.

For an additional cost, you can order your Sawmill Capo with mother-of-pearl inlay that will match the inlay on your guitars fretboard.

Laser etching is also a feature you can order on your Sawmill Capo. The first batch of 250 capos will be laser marked with the Sawmill logo and will come with a serial number.

Joshua will be offering the Sawmill Capo starting July 22nd of 2013. You can order yours by going to this web address. 

Sawmill Music

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Hi there, how do I buy some of your wooden capos? :)