Sunday, April 1, 2018

Guitar Rifles - April 1 2018

Sincere protester that should
have paid more attention in class
These days there is much turmoil in the United States regarding guns. I have no opinion. I am neither pro or anti-gun. But I do have a wonderl solution.

Much like pounding your swords into plowshares, turn your rifles into guitars.

Homemade Kalashnikov

Just think of it; a 100 watt Marshall stack cranked up to 11, and strumming power chords on your Kalashnikov rifle guitar; that would be enough to send the bad guys scrambling.

Former UN General Kofi Anon
 with his AK-47 guitar-rifle

All you are going to need is a rifle, a guitar neck with frets and tuning machines, a pickup or two, and a bridge. Oh you might need a few tools. How hard could it be? Kofi Anon, former UN Secretary General built one. So can you.

Rifle Guitar 

First make sure the magazine is empty and there are no rounds in the barrel.

Guitar Rifle with neck attached

Next remove the barrel, or you could even use it as a truss rod if you like. You will need to attach the neck to the rifle’s body. I’ll leave that up to you. Be creative.

On the rifle’s body, route out a section for the pickup(s).

Guitar Rifle controls
in the magazine

I suggest that you run the wiring into the magazine clip. Onto the clip add the volume and tone controls. Use the gun’s trigger as a pickup switch, or volume boost, by adding electronics into the stock. Add a bridge and saddle. This one is off of an acoustic guitar. I prefer metal bridges, but whatever works for you should be fine.

This guy used a Strat Jack - Smart move!

Of course you will want to add the input jack at the end of the rifle’s butt.

The most wonderful thing is that there are plenty of ready made molded hard shell cases to carry your Guit-rifle.

You may have a little trouble getting it through security and onto a plane, but once again, I have faith in you.

Glen Burton AK-47 Guitar Rifle
Now go forth, and turn your weapon into a formidable ax.

By the way, did you realize this is April Fools Day?

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